Brand : GB Coffee carefully sources from a fine assortment of tranquil farms all over our beautiful Vietnam landscapes. We timely ripe-harvest, sustainably follow a closed-loop processing method, and heartily roast our beans with fiery passion.

  • Product of: INTIMEX INVEST
    Tel/Whatsapp/Viber : +84.12.1333.1555
  • Roasted Profile and Roasting by: RDVC CO.,LTD
  • Finished and Packed by: KTI Factory at Lot C2, Tra Da Industry Zone, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province
  • Exclusive Distributor by: NEXUS COMMERCIAL CO.,LTD
    Email :

Kind of coffee: 4 types

1. Vietnamese Coffee : GB coffee – PASSION

2. Vietnamese Coffee : GB coffee – CHARMING

3. Espresso Coffee : GB coffee – PASSION

4. Espresso Coffee : GB coffee – CHARMING